Wet Weather

Nobody likes rain in cricket season, but it’s a reality that one or two (or maybe a lot more) Saturdays will be affected by the weather. Both the Junior and Senior Associations have guidelines for dealing with rain.

Gymea Bay Cricket Club encourages coaches, managers, players and parents to focus on player safety when it’s raining. As much as we all want to get out on the field, it has to be safe.

Junior Guidelines

The SSJCA has put together a general information pack, available here.

In most cases, coaches and managers are the judges of whether conditions are fit to play. However, in some instances the SSJCA may issue an announcement that all games are cancelled for the day. If this happens, the Club will aim to keep you updated through the Website and Facebook page.

If in doubt, check with your coach or manager. If still in doubt, contact the Club.

Full details regarding wet weather are contained within the SSJCA Playing Conditions.

Senior Guidelines

Unlike the SSCJA, the SSCA will never make an announcement to call off all games – you must show up to the ground. Failing to attend the game, even if it ends up being called off, will be considered as forfeiting.

Full details regarding wet weather are contained within the SSCA Playing Conditions.

Lightning Policy

The Lightning Policy is a key element ensuring player safety. The rule around lightning is typically called the ’30/30′ rule:

If you see lightning and hear thunder within 30 seconds, play is suspended for 30 minutes.

Play remains suspended until 30 minutes have elapsed from the last instance of ’30/30′ happening.