Changes to Senior Playing Conditions

Over the off season, the Club Committee have been working closely with the Sutherland Shire Cricket Association to update the senior competition By Laws and Playing Conditions ahead of the 2019/20 season.

This project is the first major rewrite of the senior competition rules for many years, and aims to separate the administrative By Laws from the practical Playing Conditions. This creates documents that are more relevant and easier to read and understand for team captains, players and umpires alike.

On top of that, the project has also uncovered a number of opportunities to make improvements to how senior cricket is played in the Shire – which will come into effect from the first round of the upcoming season.

The SSCA will be providing a printed copy of the new Playing Conditions to every team captain, and they’re also available online here:

Keep reading below for a summary of some of the key changes.

Bonus point for entering scores

Home teams have always been responsible for uploading scores into MyCricket – with the risk of fines or points penalties if it isn’t done on time.

This season, home teams will receive one bonus point for uploading their scores into MyCricket by 7:00pm on the Monday following the match. That works out to six points per season – an extra win – just for getting your scores in.

Nominate 13 players for two day matches

Always hated having 14 players available for the first week, but only 9 for the second? We can’t fix that problem entirely, but now you’ll be able to name 13 players on the team sheet for two day matches.

Any 11 of those 13 can bat or bowl in any innings (with the ‘keeper counting as a bowler).

One day matches are unchanged – you can still only name 12 on the team sheet there.

Review of trial bonus point rules

Last season, the SSCA introduced a bonus point rule in one day matches. It was broadly successful, but upon review required a change to how bonus points were calculated for the team bowling second.

This season, a team will receive a bonus point in a one day match if they:

  • Reach the target set by the batting team in less than half of the allotted overs (i.e. within 20 overs)
  • Dismiss (or restrict) the opposition team for less than half of the target score

Official Umpires decide fitness for play

A minor change has been made to change who makes the call on whether conditions are fit for play. Previously it was up to the captains to agree and, if agreement is not reached, official or duty umpires would step in.

For this season, official umpires will be empowered to decide on whether conditions are fit for play – reflecting their official role and duty of care. If no official umpire is present, the captains are responsible. Only if no official umpire is present, and the captains disagree will duty umpires be asked to rule on conditions.

Other minor amendments

Some other minor amendments have been made for easier administration, to fix loopholes, to remove duplication, or to make small policy changes. For example:

  • In rain-shortened one day matches, the maximum number of overs per bowler is now re-calculated to be one-fifth of the innings total, like in ODIs
  • Points for matches in which a one day match was requested due to insufficient players have been adjusted to make playing more worthwhile
  • The Playing Conditions include scope for a trial of the Duckworth-Lewis Method in one day games, if teams are interested
  • Amending the minimum number of overs to constitute a game, to ensure they align to half the original number of overs
  • etc.

Questions, comments, feedback

Feel free to send an email to if you want further detail about what’s changed, have feedback for further improvements, or have any other thoughts, questions or comments

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