Season 2021-22 Update

We understand in these times of uncertainty, cricket may be the last thing parents want to think about or have some hesitancy in what a disrupted season may look like.
Well GBCC have tried to alleviate those concerns and have developed the following policies in response to these uncertain times.
  1. Junior fees have been reduced to a $100 part payment.
    This means all parents have to do for now to register is use your Active Kids Voucher. This will secure your child’s registration without having to spare any out of pocket expense. This is the only junior cricket option we have on our rego page. This is the option everyone registering for junior cricket (not including Cricket Blast) should select from now on
  2. Remaining balances will be calculated and requested when the season commences.
    If the total fees change as a result of disruptions to the season, members will be contacted via email. Total rego fees as at 30/8/21 are:

    • Junior Blasters – $100
    • Master Blasters – $115
    • Under 10 – $120
    • Under 12 – $135
    • Under 14 & 16 – $155
    • Girls Only Under 11 & 13 – $100
  3. Credits will be provided for season 22/23 in the event of significant season disruption.
    Cricket has minimal fees going to national, state or local cricket bodies. Meaning we have more flexibility in terms of providing credits for season 22/23, unlike what’s occurred in winter codes.
We hope these contingencies help reduce any concerns you may have for registering for season 21/22. All we and the Assoc’s want to do is get players on the park, as soon and as safely as possible.
Stay safe and we hope to be on the park shortly !

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