New Helmet Recommendations

What’s changing?

Current ‘best of breed’ helmets are those that are compliant with the British Standard for helmet safety (BS7928:2013 Specification for head protectors for cricketers).

Cricket Australia strongly recommends that Community Associations take all practical steps to adopt the ICC directive and mandate that all junior and senior players wear British Standard 7928:2013 compliant helmets from 2019/20 season when batting, wicket keeping up to stumps and fielding in close to the batter.

Why is there a need for change?

To ensure that community cricket is safe. Research shows that cricket ball impact to the head is the most common area of injury in cricket. Head injuries are one of the most likely cricket injuries to result in hospital admission. Wearing a British Standard helmet greatly lowers the chances of a critical head injury of any kind.

How do I know if my helmet is compliant?

A list of helmets that are compliant with the British Standard is available here.

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